Application Development

Application Development

Custom built software applications has been the answer to many companies who find that off the shelf products are simply not suitable or too expensive for specific needs.

By choosing to develop bespoke applications for business requirements or line of service; not only can a company tailor applications to meet desired or unique operational criteria but can significantly reduce cost whilst helping to improve performance and productivity. 


DE CIRCLELEAD has been providing world class bespoke application development services for many years. Our pool of trained and certified professionals work with clients to understand their business goals, operational requirements, functionality, budgets and purpose built application solutions to meet the organisational needs. 

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, reliable and flexible applications that are easy to maintain and facilitate enhancements. 

Our services and solutions are tailored to match your unique business need and IT requirements because we believe there is no “one size fits all” approach. Our clients, whether a large enterprise or small Independent Software Vendor (ISV), all benefit when they partner with us. 


Custom-built application 

We have a unique space among hundreds of Web Development Companies. Our mission is to provide customised and usable solutions which maximize our client’s return on investment.

We consistently aim to create distinct solutions based on our client’s precise strategic and financial requirements, leading to long term ongoing business relationships. Rather than providing just a product or service, we provide the best available solution that fits our client’s financial and functional requirements. 

End-to-End Custom Applications Development 

Our custom applications development services comprises of complete software development lifecycle from business requirement analysis, plan, design, development, testing, deployment and warranty support of the application/product.

Using industry best practices, methodologies, tools, collaborative techniques and our robust development processes, enablers, we help our customers quickly & efficiently build, deploy and manage high quality applications / systems. We lay great emphasis on superior design, usability, portability and overall user experience so that our customers stay ahead of competition. Our custom applications development service offering consists of: 

  • Process & Governance Assessment
  • Project Management and Execution 
  • Reengineering
  • Character, Client-Server GUI, and Web based development 
  • Portal Development 
  • Component-based Distributed Application development 
  • Open, standards-based Interoperability and Integration 
  • Improving application performance and scalability 
  • Implementing multilingual capabilities 


We understand that every client is unique and so are their requirements. Our proven methodology and global delivery model is well equipped to help enterprises maximize the output from their investments. Recognising the challenges associated with maintaining and managing applications, especially where core business processes are involved, DE CIRCLELEAD combines critical business understanding with cutting edge technical skills to provide seamless and integrated application maintenance and support. 

We offer flexible engagement models to suit your business requirements and budgets. We seamlessly integrate with your support organisation to offer a great support service to your customers.

Our fully documented processes, tools and transparent communications help us to exceed the defined service levels (KPI’s) within a short space of time whilst we deliver a great value using our global delivery capability.


Benefits of Custom Software Application Development

The benefits of custom application for companies and organisations are innumerable; it enables productivity, innovation and professionalism.

Here are the reasons why your business needs custom application:

  • Custom application development helps businesses modernize their operations by using software that was built to address their specific needs.
  • It makes business processes more streamlined.
  • It allows companies to save time and money on training.
  • Specific process is always more efficient than a retail software application that has to be manipulated to work in the way that a business needs it.
  • Custom application enables businesses to deliver more customer-centric products/services to their clients.
  • Allows businesses to innovate so that targeted user group is best served.



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