SAP Plant Maintenance

SAP Plant Maintenance

SAP’s Plant Maintenance comprises of the following activities such as inspection, measuring and establishing the actual condition of a technical system, preventive maintenance to measure and maintain the ideal condition of a technical system, repair to measure and restore the ideal condition of a technical system and other measures that need to be taken using the maintenance organization.

Efficient plant maintenance is vital to a company's ability to optimize and harmonize its production processes. For companies using SAP's ERP Software, the effective implementation and use of the Plant Maintenance (PM) component represents a strategy with considerable practical benefits. 

This course offers a clear introduction to this small but sophisticated component and provides a highly practical guide to implementing PM.

Beginning with an examination of the key business processes underlying PM functionality, the Course goes on to cover all the crucial aspects of maintenance planning and execution in R/3. Particular attention is given to integrating plant maintenance with a company's natural process flow. 

The SAP PM module is able to plan and manage scheduled, proactive, maintenance procedures designed to prevent, or predict, breakdowns to critical systems, which can be costly not only in terms of repair, but also in terms of lost production.

In difficult, demanding industries, such as the oil production industry, the SAP PM module can increase the availability of the multitude of pumps, valves and other equipment that constitute an oil drilling platform.


The SAP PM module also allows maintenance organizations to identify and rectify problems with any of the equipment under their control, whether they’re caused by complete failure or deterioration over time.

The SAP PM module automatically pinpoints the exact location of faulty equipment and generates a detailed maintenance order, including any necessary specifications, engineering drawings and safety precautions. All of these details are critically important because if any of them are missing maintenance may not be possible, potentially halting production or endangering lives or both. 

Overall, the SAP PM module allows plant maintenance businesses and functions to be standardised across an organisation and integrated with other functions.

At the conclusion of this SAP Plant Maintenance course you will learn:- Structure of object and asset structures in the Enterprise Asset Management area. Different business processes involved in preventative maintenance and service processing.

Integration between Plant Maintenance and Quality Management, or the procurement of services based on the maintenance plan. Numerous application functions in the area of Enterprise Asset Management.

How source data is aggregated from different business processes and prepared for reports and analysis. Use of different Plant Maintenance queries in Business Information Warehouse and Planning budgets in Plant Maintenance.


Course Benefits 

At the end of the course you will have a good knowledge of SAP Plant maintenance, Be able to work within SAP PM team, take up roles as an SAP PM Consultant, project Team member, Analyst, Trainer, End user. 

The following are included in this course:

• Course Materials 

• Access to live SAP System

• Highly qualified and experienced SAP Consultants 



To join this course we expect you to already possess the following 

• Tertiary education

• Basic Knowledge of computer operation

• An understanding of basic Supply Chain Management



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