SAP NetWeaver System Admin

SAP NetWeaver System Admin (SAP Basis)

SAP NetWeaver System Admin (SAP Basis) 

SAP Basis is a set of middleware programs and tools developed by SAP and it includes client/server architecture and configuration, a relational database management system (RDBMS), and a graphical user interface (GUI). In addition to the interface between system elements, Basis components include a development environment for R/3 applications, and a data dictionary, as well as user and system administration and monitoring tools. 


SAP Basis acts as a filter (technically called an abstraction layer) between the actual business logic in SAP R/3 and the specifics of the operating system and database underneath. In this way SAP business programmers could focus on writing business logic (in SAP's proprietary ABAP language) and not have to worry whether or not it would work on the various permutations of operating system and database. 

A typical SAP basis person might do the following tasks: 

Create users/assign roles (within SAP), run backup, check DB/OS space utilization, add space if necessary, install SAP software, configure SAP parameters, monitor CPU/Memory/disk space/performance, configure connectivity between SAP components or SAP/non-SAP components, configure printing queues/printers, and/or sap software change management (aka Transports or Transport Management). 

For the most part these are all activities that would be familiar to a UNIX/Windows OS admin, a DBA, or a network admin. Most SAP Basis folks start their careers as OS System admins and/or DBAs. A smaller number start life as network administrators. 

In a small size company, the SAP Basis Admin often wears all four hats (OS admin, DBA, network admin, and SAP admin). As you go up in company size, you see more specialization. Many companies have a separate dedicated admin for each function: OS admin, DBA, network admin, and SAP Basis admin.

As you go further up the scale in size, you'll find those responsibilities spread even thinner: one or more OS admins, SAN admin, one or more DBAs, one or more SAP Basis admins, one or more dedicated SAP Security personnel, etc.


Course Benefits 

At the end of the course you will have a good knowledge of SAP ECC software, be able to work within a SAP Technical/BASIS team, take up roles as an SAP BASIS Consultant, project Team member, Analyst, Trainer, End user or any SAP System Administration-related role.  


The following are included in this course: 

• Course Materials 

• Access to live SAP System

• Highly qualified and experienced SAP Consultants



To join this course we expect you to already possess the following: 

• Tertiary education

• Basic Knowledge of computer operations 

• A basic understanding of any OS/DB 



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