SAP Business Warehouse

SAP Business Warehouse

SAP Business Warehouse is by far the fastest growing and most prestigious area in the world of SAP products. Big businesses use SAP BW to analyse their data in order to make operations more efficient, improve processes and, thus, safe costs.

But there is also a shift towards smaller businesses that make use of Business Intelligence. And while BW used to be in the hands of managers and top consultants only, many enterprises today make use of this software company-wide.

A survey by the Aberdeen Group from 2010 showed that employees of such enterprises can access information three times faster which eventually doubles the speed of the decision making process. The companies that took part in this survey increased their results by 24%. 

SAP is the world’s leading developer of Business Intelligence Software. And since it is very likely to face BW software in a future career, learning how to work with it whilst still at university will be counted as a remarkable point in the CV. 

Since SAP BW is a very complex system, the demand for BW consultancy is accordingly very high. This means that besides using a BW system in a company, another career opportunity is the field of consulting. In both areas, young professionals are highly sought after, thus, high salaries are common.

Course Benefits 

At the end of the course you will have a good knowledge of SAP Business Intelligence software, be able to work within SAP BI team, take up roles as an SAP BI Consultant, project team member, Analyst, Trainer, End user or any BI-related role. 


The following are included in this course: 

• Course Materials 

• Access to live SAP System

• Highly qualified and experienced SAP Consultants


To join this course we expect you to already possess the following: 

• Tertiary education

• Basic Knowledge of computer operations 

• A basic understanding of data management



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