Dcl Training

Dcl Training

World Class Training and Education with DE CIRCLELEAD

Empower your workforce with the needed knowledge and skills they need to meet your strategic goals – with a full suite of software training and education courses designed to help you maximise the power of your business solutions. We can help you create a comprehensive training plan, manage your talent, empower end users – and drive greater proficiency across your organization.

Our curriculum is carefully designed and constantly updated to reflect the shift of job market expectations.

We provide training programs tailored to your individual requirements, including classroom, on-site training and fully customized programs.

Training provided:

  • Individual and corporate training
  • Career guidance provided
  • Course curriculum upgraded at regular intervals to keep pace with new technologies
  • Training by team leads experienced in delivering project based training
  • Limited class strength for high level of pupil-instructor interaction
  • Flexible batch timings


Soft skills

De CircleLead provides soft skills training to corporate bodies as well as to individuals.

Soft skills are the quintessential element for the growth of an individual. Effective communication and interpersonal skills play a vital role when it comes to progressing up the ladder in an organisation.

We help in grooming employees who are a link between the company and external world; so they are able to present themselves with distinction.


Corporate Module

De CircleLead provides soft skills training programmes that encompass a wide range of skills that most organisations find as a quintessential part of everyday business.From leadership skills to effective communication and change management, DCL offers a wide range of soft skills training to address every business need.

Objectives of soft skills training for corporate bodies:

  • Inspiring leadership excellence & dynamic communication
  • Optimising managerial effectiveness
  • Enhancing team building and time management skills

Middle Managment






Senior Mnagment





Module for Educational Institutes/Individuals

With soft skills being the need of the hour, DCL is taking an initiative to hold training sessions to help aspiring students to hone their soft skills. Our intent is also to enlighten these young and fresh minds about the importance of soft skills in their professional lives. 

We believe that the experience and expertise shared in this workshop would prepare students for challenging situations that they may encounter and help ease the transition from college to workplace.

Objectives of soft skills training for students:

  • Increasing the employability skills of students along with overall corporate grooming
  • Enhancing public speaking and presentation skills
  • Developing interpersonal and time management skills
  • Providing motivational training along with practical orientation that helps in career visioning and planning




Educational Institution 


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